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Medical malpractice in Arizona is one of the most frightening things you can experience. Your health is literally your livelihood. If you or a loved one experiences damages due to the poor judgment or harmful actions of a doctor, the results can be long-lasting or may even result in death. If you believe you or a loved one have been a victim of the dangerous behaviors of a doctor, Matt Millea, a Phoexnix medical malpractice lawyer, can help you obtain justice and rightful compensation.

Medical malpractice laws in Arizona are complicated and can be confusing to the average patient. Many elements must be visible in order to prove negligence on behalf of a doctor. Enlisting the help of an experienced injury attorney in Phoenix can help you navigate the complexities and build a strong case. In the highly traumatic and unfortunate case of a fatality suffered at the hands of a physician, a Phoenix wrongful death lawyer can help the victim’s family recover damages. As well, bringing a medical malpractice case to trial can help prevent the threatening behaviors of someone in the medical field from affecting other patients.

How Medical Malpractice Laws in Arizona Work

In order to be deemed medically negligent, a provider must be acting below the industry’s standard of care and must have a proven professional relationship with the patient. Because some medical malpractice effects arise at a much later date than the time of treatment, those who suffer a personal injury in Phoenix due to treatment will have to prove that past behavior was negligent.

Medical malpractice in Arizona may occur in any medical environment, including dentistry, surgery, nursing and in a doctor’s office. Everything from the wrong diagnosis, to faulty in-person treatment, to a failure to warn a patient about a certain treatment, to the incorrect prescription can cause damages. While incompetence or lack of knowledge may contribute to medical errors, other elements may also be at play. For example, lack of rest or performing medical treatment while under the influence of drugs or alcohol are extremely risky conditions in medical malpractice cases. The use of witnesses, such as testimony from coworkers of the accused physician, may be necessary.

In addition to individuals such as nurses and doctors being held liable in medical malpractice cases, other entities may be at fault. These include healthcare providers or corporations that have sponsored care.

Because some problems may not be immediately evident, a patient or family of a patient who has been killed in a healthcare environment has two years from the date of treatment to file a claim for medical malpractice. The Arizona medical malpractice statute of limitations states that after two years, a claim may not be filed. The only exception is if you had no reason to suspect your condition was made much worse by a medical error. This narrow time frame is why it is so important to act quickly and consult with a medical malpractice lawyer as soon as possible if you suspect medical malpractice is a factor in your injury or the death of a loved one.

Healthcare providers are equipped with their own legal teams. There are even times when a doctor will actively conceal the evidence of their mistakes. A Phoenix personal injury attorney fights for the justice of their client, the patient. Often, other medical experts will be required to testify at a trial. An experienced Phoenix injury lawyer will be able to connect the victim with the best witnesses and organize the most compelling case.

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If you live in the Phoenix area and have been a victim of medical malpractice, you deserve to focus on your healing. You also don’t deserve to be a victim. Alarming acts performed by a physician or on behalf of a healthcare company may put others, even people you care about and love, at risk, as well. The Millea law firm has extensive experience handling medical malpractice cases in Arizona. These cases are often intense affairs that require experience and expertise to be successful. Matt Millea is someone you can count on to deliver caring support.

If someone in your family has died during or because of medical treatment, we are extremely sorry for your loss. We can help you obtain compensation and help prevent this from happening to someone else through proving medical malpractice. Contact us for Phoenix wrongful death lawyer information that can help your case.

In whatever situation you’re in, your consultation with Matt Millea is free. He’ll help you understand if you have a significant case, so you can get back to focusing on healing. Give us a call at (480) 367-1922, or contact us online for Phoenix medical malpractice lawyer information.