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pedestrian injuries in arizona

Pedestrian Injuries from Car Accidents: Know Your Rights

If you choose to travel by foot, you might be taking steps to get fit,…

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Twin City v. Leija: Landmark Workers’ Compensation Case in Arizona

A construction worker who sustains an on-the-job injury is entitled to workers’ compensation benefits. Under…

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fall festival accidents

Fall Events Season: What to Do in Case of an Accident

One of the most exciting things about fall – besides temperatures finally cooling off in…

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accidents at school

Accidents at School: What Parents Should Be Aware Of

As a parent, you expect your child’s school to be a place where they can…

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Why a Strong Attorney Relationship Helps a Personal Injury Case

If you’ve gone through the trauma of experiencing a serious personal injury, you may be…

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Why You Don’t Pay a Personal Injury Lawyer Up Front

When you experience a serious personal injury, getting help from a personal injury attorney shouldn’t…